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Re-Key Your Own Locks for A Fraction of the Cost

Have you ever lost your house keys and been worried that a stranger could get in? Unless you’re the first occupant of the property, you never can be sure how many copies of your keys exist. Locksmiths typically charge a fee to re-key an individual lock, even when you bring it to their shop. Since most homes have multiple doors with multiple locks, rekeying can get expensive.

Now you can re-key a lock like a pro and at a fraction of the cost. Re-keying kits are available for most lock brands, but they’re not interchangeable. You have to buy a kit for each brand of lock used in your home. (If you’re lucky, they’ll all be the same brand!) They’re available in home centers and hardware stores and through online suppliers.

Each kit will rekey six locks, but you can order extra pins if you need to do more. The kit will work on entrance and deadbolt locks, and it comes with two keys and all the tools you’ll need, except a screwdriver. But keep your current keys—you’ll need them to remove the cylinder.

Here’s an outline of how Kwick Set’s new kit works…


You must have your Functioning Key and Learn Tool for this to work.

  • Functioning Key
  • SmartKey Learn Tool
  • New Key
  • Kwikset Smart Key - ReKey Door Lock Step 1Insert functioning key & turn 1/4 turn clockwise.
  • Kwikset Smart Key - ReKey Door Lock Step 2Insert & remove the SmartKey learn tool. Remove functioning key.
  • Kwikset Smart Key - ReKey Door Lock Step 3Insert new key & turn 1/2 turn counter-clockwise. Done. Your lock is now re-keyed!

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