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3 Reasons Real Estate Investments May Be Better Than Other Investments

Brandon Turner’s downloadable eBook, “7 Years to 7 Figure Wealth” is an exceptional tool for young folks wanting to get an early start in real estate investing.  In this short eBook, which can be found at or at this link, he shares 3 reasons why he believes real estate investments beat stocks, gold, or other investments (quoted below):

1.  LEVERAGE:  If you had $20,000 dollars to invest, you could buy $20,000 worth of gold or stocks. If the investment increases in value, it does so in relation to the exact amount you put in. However, if you invest that $20,000 in real estate, you could purchase a $100,000 property and see appreciation on the full $100,000, not just the $20,000.  
2.  DUAL PURPOSE: You cannot live in your stocks, gold, or oil. You can, however, live in your property investments. This is especially helpful for those who are just starting out. Everyone needs a roof over their heads, so if you can use that roof as part of your investment strategy, wealth can be built even faster.
3.  DIRECTLY ACTIONABLE: My favorite aspect of real estate is that it is real. It is not some concept I am investing in or a .0001% ownership role in a mega-corporation. It is a physical object that can be changed, altered, or improved at the whim of me. If I want to improve income, I can improve the property. With stocks or other investments, I am merely a passenger. With real estate, I am the driver.

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