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Finding the Perfect Home – or the 85% Perfect Home

Among agents that have gone through the national “Ninja Selling” training program, we have a term called the “85% Perfect Home”.   So what’s that all about?

The basic premise is that no one really finds the “perfect” home, but when a buyer finds a property with 85% or more of what they’re looking for, they are generally extremely happy.  My goal always, is to find the dream home for my clients with 100% of all the boxes checked.  That’s what we look for.  However if we’re honest with ourselves, there is a lot of truth to the idea of an 85% perfect home for several reasons…

  • The perfect house.  Each property has a million variables in every category from location to size to amenities.  A buyer may find the right home in the wrong place – or the wrong home in the right place.  Maybe you discover a home that has exactly what you want – if it only had one more bedroom.  Most buyers will likely have to settle in some way.  One helpful tool when making a decision on a property is to consider things that can be remedied after you move in, such as repairs and updates, and to consider other things can never be changed such as location, or would be expensive and difficult to change, like structure.
  • Budget-friendly dream home. Maybe you do find your dream home, but that doesn’t mean it will be available in your price range. Some buyers may have high hopes that are unrealistic for their budget and their area. By understanding the sliding scales between list price, location, size, and quality, you can work together with your agent to identify which areas you are willing to compromise on to get what you’re looking for in other ways.
  • A speedy search. Despite what popular HGTV shows portray, most people don’t find the right house within the first few properties they visit. Some people search for months before they put in an offer. If you don’t want to be frustrated and antsy after the first few showings, ask your agent ahead of time what sort of timeline you  can expect.
  • A trendy house. If you are walking into home showings looking for style first, it may be time to refocus. Trendy staging, stylish paint colors, and popular accents like barn doors or floating shelves might look flashy, but be reminded that you can bring your own sense of style to the house. Don’t buy a house based on decor that you’re capable of adding to any home after buying!
  • Building the perfect home.  Buyers who know they may never find exactly what they want, where they want it, often opt instead to build their “perfect” home.  Unfortunately, statistics show us that the majority who build actually don’t end up with their 100% perfect home either.  They say hindsight is 20/20 and it’s true in this case.  How many times have you gone to see a friend or family member’s new house and when you ask them how they like it they tell you they wish they had done this or that differently?  Or they may tell you that they had intentions to add something but ran out of money. 

    When buying a new home, simply be realistic and know what’s important to you.  Build your wish list and also build your “must-have” list.  Search for it all, yet understand where you will and won’t compromise.  If you find the 85% perfect home, you’ve likely found something that has all of your “must-haves” with a lot of your “wish list” items as well.  That sounds like a recipe for a dream!


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