Home as Sanctuary 
The pandemic has made home the safe place to be for all pursuits. People want homes that can accommodate one or more offices, learning centers, playrooms, gyms, a comfortable place to watch movies, pools, and other outdoor amenities. We’re spending more time at home and experts say we’ll continue to do so even after the public health crisis passes. Many will ditch their commutes and keep working from home, full or part time; some will continue to limit the time they spend out in public.

Less Density, Convenient Proximity 
People who no longer need to be close to work are giving up the density of urban living. They’re looking for single family homes with space, but still want proximity to stores, restaurants, and entertainment. People are also putting a higher value on being near close family—a car ride away.

Condos and Co-ops 
The increased demand for single-family homes has pushed up those prices, but left deals to be found with condominiums and co-ops. These can be either in the suburbs or in urban areas where demand, though lower, is still growing among singles, couples and families with children who want the city lifestyle.

More Productive Environment
Telecommuting Experts say working from home will become the new normal, offering zero commute time, more family time, and a low key, comfortable, more productive environment. But it’s crucial to carve out a real workspace at home — a designated area to work for long periods and hold online meetings — not the dining table or sofa, which are only good for occasional work on our laptops. Open-plan space can be broken up into separate home offices and study nooks. A workspace should also have an appropriate background for online meetings and be quiet, especially for families with young children. Condos may offer business lounges that overlook nice views that make impressive backgrounds for Zoom calls.

Beautiful Interiors 
Spending more time inside has given people a new appreciation for how the look of a space affects our mood and behavior. People make emotional, tactile connections with the spaces they live in, and gravitate to well-organized interiors with plenty of natural daylight.

Maximum Utility 
People want to maximize how every square inch of space gets used in their homes. They want things like plenty of built-in storage, a functional kitchen open to the dining area for entertaining, and cabinetry that’s custom configured for specific uses.

Home-Based Amenities 
Some people will elect to completely avoid communal facilities in the future. They’re putting their money into home-based amenities, such as outdoor kitchens, lap pools, gyms, yoga studios, and media rooms with multi-level movie theater seating.

Online House Hunting 
It’s pretty common now to do a property walk-through on a video call and to include virtual tours in online listings. Even after things open up, there’s a good chance buyers will still go for virtual viewings in the initial house hunting stages.

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